“Good design is a key aspect of sustainable development, is indivisible from good planning, and should contribute positively to making places better for people”. We are well known for helping our clients to acquire planning permission through our creative, imaginative and sympathetic design approach. The following are some examples of common projects designed to planning requirements.

Single storey rear extensions and Conservatories


These are the common types of extensions to houses to provide the additional living space required. To increase the prospects of gaining planning permission, our experienced planners and architects will ensure your extension is designed so as not to cause a significant sense of enclosure, or loss of outlook from, or light to, principal windows of habitable rooms of neighbouring properties. Our design approach will also ensure such rear extensions do not harm the appearance of the building or the locality.

Two storey rear extensions.


The two storey rear extensions would normally require planning permission as they are  likely to be problematic, by way of causing serious overbearing impact, or overshadowing and could be harmful to the amenities of your neighbouring properties by reason of excessive loss of light, sunlight, including privacy and oppression to outlook. They could also dominate the original house, and be harmful to the character and appearance of the property and the area. For better prospects of acquiring planning permission, our team of experienced planners and architects will assess the impact of your two storey rear extension and design it carefully with due considerations of those concerns.

Single storey side extension


To increase your prospects of acquiring a Certificate of Lawful Development or planning permission, our design team will ensure these type of extensions do not be more than half the width of the original house, and that they are appropriately scaled and designed  to reduce their visual impact on the character and appearance of street, property, and area.

Two storey side and first-floor side extensions


The two storey side and first floor side extensions are normally visible on the street and can have greater dominance in the street scene. They can also cause a “terracing effect” if not correctly designed by way of excessively infilling the rhythm of spaces between buildings. To increase the prospects of acquiring planning permission, our sympathetic design approach will ensure your two storey side and first-floor side extension is subservient to the host building and respects the character and appearance of the street and surrounding area.

Single storey front extensions/porches, or two storey front extension


Extensions that project forward of the original building have a significant effect on the building itself, and on the wider streetscape. To increase your prospects of acquiring planning permission, our experienced planners and architects will carefully design your front extension of any form, such as; a single storey, a porch, or a two storey front extensions ensuring they do not significantly alter the overall appearance of the house or dominate the character of the streets.

Roof Extensions/Alterations; Dormer Windows/Loft Conversions; Roof Lights; Increasing Height of Roof Forms, Balconies, and Roof Terraces.

Any form of roof extension will have a big impact on the appearance of a house and the surrounding area. The design of these common types of roof extensions should ensure the size and scale of extension/alteration are secondary to the size of the roof face within which they will be set. This very important to avoid any delays to the granting of planning permission. This is where MEK Town Planning and Design Consultants Ltd comes in with its sympathetic design approach. The following are some of the good examples of common projects associated with roof alterations.

These roof extensions return balance to the semi-detached pair of properties.

These roof extensions return balance to the semi-detached pair of properties.


Dormers modestly scaled within the roof plane and aligned with windows below


Bulky flat roofed dormer above, not complementing the roof of the house.dormers-02
Photomontage of correctly and carefully designed dormers on the front roofscape.


Roof Lights


Increasing Height of Roof


Increasing the height of a dwelling by amending the roof pitch, ridge or eaves height may significantly affect the character and proportions of the building, streetscape, or area where roof pitches and heights are consistent. Our experienced planners, architects, and designers will ensure these type of roof alterations are carefully designed for you without causing significant harm to the rhythm and form of the streetscape or area, and increase the prospects of acquiring planning permission.

Balconies and Roof Terraces; Raised Decking.


Balconies, Roof Terraces, and Raised Decking over 300 mm can provide valuable and welcome amenity space for homes. However, the use of these facilities for there recreational purpose would require planning permission; because, in many cases, these type of additions to your property can significantly affect a neighbour’s privacy, particularly if they are located where it is possible to look into gardens or windows. Balconies, Roof Terraces and Raised Decking over 300 mm, may also result in noise disturbance, particularly to nearby bedroom windows; they can also harm the character and appearance of the building, street or the area.  Please feel free to contact our experienced planners, designers, and architects on 07506208449, who can help you to get the perfect balcony, roof terrace or decking area that suits your requirements, but carefully designed to reduce their impact, and to increase the prospect of gaining planning permission.

Other Projects/Structures/Home Extension/Additions.

We also provide planning and design services, including drawing up all scaled building plans for submission with planning applications to the Local Planning Authority on your behalf for the following common projects:

  • Residential Annexes.
  • Detached Garages.
  • Boundary Walls and Gates.
  • Hard standings and Dropped Kerbs.
  • Conversion of dwellings into flats.
  • Change of use of a building or land.
  • New shop fronts.
  • New dwellings/Replacement dwellings including in the Green Belt.
  • Granny annexes.
  • Advertisements and signs.
  • Dropped kerbs, crossovers, and new driveways.
  • Works to Listed Buildings.
  • Conversion of garages into habitable rooms.
  • And much more……………….


Other Services

MEK Town Planning and Design Consultants Ltd working with its partners, provide the following services:

  •  Structural Engineering and Building Control Regulations.
  • Contaminated land.
  • Party wall agreements.
  • Party wall agreements.
  • Drawing up all scale plans for planning and building control submissions.
  • Internal alternations and refurbishment.
  • Interior design.
  • Construction work (so we can take up your project from inception stage, through planning to construction.
  • Plumbing, tiling, and gasworks.


To get started, please contact us. Our prices for straight forward projects start from £750. All our architectural plans are drawn up according to your requirements. Please get in touch by completing our contact form, putting as much information as possible regarding your project. Fully outlining what you would want us to do for you. Leave your contact details and a member of our dedicated team will contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call us on: 075 0620 8449 to get a free quote or arrange a site visit.